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5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Organic Waste Converter

Organic Waste Converter

The purpose of an organic waste converter machine is to process and recycle solid and liquid waste in addition to serving as a garbage chute.

An autonomous organic waste composter machine recycles both solid and liquid waste while also exchanging the garbage you supply for manure.

Why do we need to buy organic waste composting machines?

Fully Automatic & Time Saving

A composting machine for organic waste is completely automated. This saves a significant amount of manpower for operations. Often, one person working part-time is sufficient to operate the machine. The waste composter machine also processes garbage in fewer hours and turns all types of waste into high-quality manure.

Food waste can include vegetables, eggs, fish, minor bones, fruit peels, meals, and leftovers, all of which will be quickly transforming into manure.

Highly Efficient

A waste composter machine takes up a smaller space than a traditional composting process because the equipment is usually small. Furthermore, without a Modular Solar Dehydration System, the machine can transform 50 kgs of organic waste into 5-10 kgs of manure every day.

It can turn 500 kgs of organic waste into 50-100 kgs of manure in 10 hours when used with the Modular Solar Dehydration System. All of this comes at a very low cost because to the low operating costs of maintaining and running this.

Durable and Safe

A stainless-steel tank is using in the construction of a waste composter machine. It has a lifespan of more than 20 years and is extremely durable. There are further functions, such as the overload function, that are set in place to stop the machine during an overload to avoid spills and any hazard to the user.

Typically, waste composter machines include effective systems such as power, heaters, and power conservation indicators.

No secondary pollution

A composting machine for organic waste does not waste water. It is a highly odorless procedure that contains no hazardous elements. This technology may compost waste for you without the need for a landfill or other composting methods.

Safe for human handling with sterilization

Human handling as a composting machine pasteurises organic waste, hence an organic waste compost machine is rather safe for human usage. It also sterilizes and eliminates all types of organisms such as fungi, bacteria, viruses, and biohazards.

This drastically reduces the danger of humans operating the equipment catching infections or having health difficulties.

Fast In Processing

In comparison to traditional composting methods, these machines convert the largest and thickest food wastes into ready-to-apply soil additions in as little as 24 hours. This revolutionary technology will allow you to save time and easily recycle food waste.

Benefits of Organic Waste Converter Machine for the Environment

OWC Machine helps divert organic waste from landfills. Organic waste, such as food scraps and yard trimmings, when sent to landfills, decomposes anaerobically and produces methane gas – a potent greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change.

With an OWC system in place, organic waste can be efficiently converting into nutrient-rich compost through aerobic decomposition, significantly reducing methane emissions.

Using OWC technology reduces the need for chemical fertilizers. The compost produced by an OWC system is a natural and eco-friendly alternative to synthetic fertilizers.

It helps minimize soil degradation caused by excessive use of chemicals but also promotes healthier plant growth without harming ecosystems


KWTPL provides the best organic waste converter that are environmentally sustainable. This technology is a potential alternative to traditional ways of organic waste disposal, such as landfill dumping and burning.

Converters reduce pollution while simultaneously providing a valuable product in the form of compost. Composting processes and converter capacities vary. Some may have a high-tech automated shredder that can also be used as an attachment with different types of organic waste converters. It shreds and dewaters organic waste, lowering its volume by 70% to 80% over time. These produce almost dry, odourless organic waste, which can be composted further in an organic waste converter.

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