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Since 2001, We are manufacturing & supplying water, wastewater & solid waste management products continuously around the globe & are known for 24 x 7 service support. We have a wide range of products for recycling of solid & organic waste.

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An organic waste converter is a machine utilized for the treatment and recycling of organic waste or wet garbage. A converter is a self-contained system capable of performing controlled microorganism composting. The term & sustainability refers to the process of removing waste from the environment. On-site waste conversion benefits hospitals, clinics, municipal waste facilities,farms, slaughterhouses, supermarkets, ports, sea vessels, and airports the most.

  • Organic waste composting is used for recycling solid and liquid waste material.
  • Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions – When organic materials are buried in a landfill, they
  • decompose very slowly and without oxygen. Methane gas, a greenhouse gas, is created when this
  • Reduces Pollution – When organics degrade in the absence of oxygen, as at a landfill, a toxic liquid
    known as leachate is produced. Leachate has the potential to pollute our soil and drinking water
  • Reduces the Need for Chemical Fertilizers and Pesticides – Finished compost is a rich, natural
    fertiliser that regenerates soil nutrients and promotes the growth of healthy plants.
  • Lowers Waste Disposal Costs – Putting less waste out on the curb means less waste must be
    collected and transported, resulting in waste disposal costs being reduced by 80 to 90%.

Depending on the materials employed, the size of the pile, and the frequency of turning,decomposition can take anywhere between two weeks and two years to be finished. When it has cooled, developed a deep brown colour, and broken down into tiny soil-like particles, compost is considered to be finished.

For composting, this automatic compost machine employs aerobic fermentation technology.
Moreover, a PLC system is present for managing the materials turning. Meanwhile, there are
automatic ventilation devices that provide oxygen. As a result, the composting effects will be
favourable, and you will be able to obtain high-quality organic compost fertilisers.

  • Automatic feeding
  • Automatic ventilation
  • Automatic temperature sensor
  • Automatic deodorization
  • Automatic discharging

It is well understood that equipment plays an important role in fertiliser quality. At the same time, your fertiliser production process will be influenced by after-sales service. Thus, using key you can find a professional automatic composting machine manufacturer. Searching online a trustworthy automatic organic waste composting machine supplier, searching online is an efficient way.

  1. Processed Quickly: Machine technology requires fewer hours to complete the processing steps than traditional composting organic waste techniques. The time saved by composting organic waste can be used for other productive endeavours, resulting in financial savings.
  2. No secondary contamination occurs: The machine technology produces no waste. It is also odourless and has no harmful properties.
  3. Completely Automated: The machine saves operational staff because it is completely automated. It can be run by a single person, usually on a part-time basis.
  4. It reduces the need for additional environmental waste treatment methods.
  5. All types of organic waste can be composted using Organic Waste Compost machine.

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